Drinking your Fruits and Vegetables



Juicing has become increasingly popular in the past couple years. There are many documentaries, talk shows and books that support juicing as a way to stay healthy and cleanse your internal system. This is supported by the critical of nutritional value of plants, fruits and vegetables to a healthy diet. There are several restaurants now that are catering to special dietary needs including fresh juice options.

Allow me to clarify; juicing is not grabbing the carton of store bought orange juice and using it as a meal. It is a lot more involved and a lot more beneficial. Most people find it difficult to consume the amount of fruits and vegetables that we need for our daily nutritional requirements. If you lack the time to prepare and cook vegetables, juicing provides a great solution.

Vegetables are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and they alkalize the bloodstream, all of which provide support for your overall health. Though some vegetables aren’t the tastiest of treats, they provide an immense amount of nutritional value. By juicing these not-so-great tasting veggies and adding other ingredients, you will be surprised at how quickly this taste transforms in to goodness. You receive the vitamins and minerals you need and you save time. 

Once I discovered juicing, I became obsessed with creating different flavors and adding all sorts of vegetables I would never consider eating. It is fun to get creative in the kitchen, especially if you don’t have time to stick a roast in the oven and you’re pressed for time. If you are looking to make a healthy change there are so many benefits to juicing. There are countless recipes and ways to make juicing fun for everyone.

Tips for the New Juicer:

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1. Always wash fruits and vegetables before you put it in the juicer.
2. Buy locally wherever possible at Farmer’s Markets or local community supported agriculture
3. Try to juice the softer ones first; the harder ones will break down easily once liquid is present.

Juicing is also a fun way to get your children involved in the kitchen. It is always fun for kids to see the juicing process and it will make them more inclined to try what comes out. 

I recommend juicing as a good way to get your nutritional needs met when you don’t have time to cook and as a way give your body a break from harsh drinks. Your body will thank you in the long run.

Rosie Acosta is a sunny California native of Mexican heritage, she writes about her passion for Yoga and Mexican Food. She transforms her grandmother's hearty recipes into organic healthy alternatives for a healthier lifestyle. Follow her on Twitter: @RosieAcosta FB: and visit her website

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