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10 summer-fitness resolutions



With summer right here, many of you are starting to think up some fitness resolutions for the coming months. Setting goals right now is an excellent way to ensure you stay on track and committed to a fit lifestyle. At this point, you may find your desire to get out of the gym is growing stronger as the warmer weather rolls in, so consider setting a few resolutions that take you out of the gym, as well as setting goals for other aspects of fitness, health and performance. Here are the top 10 summer-fitness resolutions to consider.

Run for Distance

Getting up for an early-morning distance run is the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning and enjoy everything the season has to offer. Set a goal to initially accomplish a 6-to-10-mile run, and then aim to increase your distance a half-to-full mile each week.

Learn a Water Sport

Another fantastic resolution would be to learn a water sport. Get out onto a local river nearby and test your kayaking or canoeing skills. This provides another very good upper-body and core workout, and will help you get some fresh air this season.

Prepare Breakfast Every Morning

One of the most important elements of a well-rounded diet is starting your day off with breakfast each morning.

While in the winter you may forgo getting up to prepare an omelet in order to stay warm in your comfortable bed, with the sun rising earlier, make it a goal to prepare something nutritious each morning before you head out to work.

You’ll not only improve your health but boost your metabolism as well.

Eat Fish 3 Times Per Week

One of the healthiest sources of protein around, fish should be consumed at least three times a week this summer. This is an easy resolution to keep, with fish becoming more available at the local supermarket. Fish tastes great when cooked on the barbecue, so start swapping out your usual steak or burger, and have some salmon, perch or cod instead.

Get Your 10 Servings A Day

With the summer season comes an endless supply of different fruits and vegetables, so now’s the time to really up the produce in your diet. Make it a mission to get 5-to-10 servings each and every day, making sure to mix it up throughout the week and try something new so that you get plenty of different nutrients in your diet.

Improve Your Plyometric Power Outdoors

If you’re someone who’s interested in developing more power, don’t overlook what plyometrics have to offer. This type of workout is great at boosting your muscle mass and power, and is very easily completed outdoors. Do a series of jump lunges, jump squats, burpees, and clap pushups for a fast workout that really gets you burning fat.

Learn to Rock Climb

Rock climbing is one of the best ways to get in shape quickly and will really add more muscle definition to your upper body. Now’s your perfect chance to learn this activity. Invest in a few lessons to get started and then head out on a camping trip to test your skills on a real mountain._________________________________________________________________________

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Be Active With Your Kids

If you’re a parent, summer is perfect for spending some quality time with your son or daughter, getting him/her to experience the great outdoors firsthand. Plan a fishing or camping trip or just go for a long bike ride one Saturday afternoon. This will not only help you keep active, but will help your child come to value physical activity as well.

Complete a Triathlon

If you’re someone who likes a challenge, set a resolution to compete in a local triathlon. This will bring plenty of variety to your workouts as you train for swimming, biking and running, as well as give you a huge feeling of accomplishment once you’ve achieved your goal. It’s a perfect way to test your dedication, determination and perseverance.

Walk Anywhere Within a Mile

With ideal weather conditions outside, there’s no reason to drive anywhere a short distance away. Set a goal this summer to walk anywhere that’s within one mile of your house. By the time the summer’s up, you’ll be leaner and fitter as a result. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment.

So, think about what matters most to you in regard to your health and fitness level, and set some good resolutions. They’ll give your fitness regimen new meaning and will help ensure you become the healthiest you can be.