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Top 10: Proven ways to flatter your face



Everybody has a favorite facial feature. By the same token, it's natural to have features you'd like to downplay. In the quest to help you look your personal best, we've put together a list of the top 10 ways you can flatter your face, either by emphasizing what you already love or by minimizing the parts about which you're less enthusiastic.

10. Minimize large ears with a hairstyle that grazes over them

When your ears are large relative to the size of your face and head, a hairstyle that's close to your head, such as a buzz cut, will mean that your ears will stick out. Thus, a haircut that leaves the tops of your ears covered will render them less noticeable. If you have very short hair, grow it out for a few weeks and then ask your barber to leave a few soft layers around the sides of your head.

9. Opt for classic sideburns

Gnarly sideburns are best kept for Halloween and other costume-worthy occasions. For everyday business, most men look their best when their sideburns are no longer than the middle point of their ears. Feel free to go a touch longer should you wish to make your face appear narrower or a little shorter to widen your mug.

8. Get a tan

A rested, just-got-back-from vacation tan is a look that suits everyone. If a real holiday isn't in the cards for you anytime soon, skip the UV tanning beds and opt for a safe faux tan instead. Your most fool-proof option for an even, not-too-obvious tan is to head to a spray-tanning salon, where you might even meet women in the process.

7. Minimize a big nose with an off-center part

A large nose can actually be quite attractive, but it's often also a feature that makes men feel self-conscious. If you fall into this category when it comes to your schnoz, start parting your hair to the side. Especially when combined with a fuller hairstyle, a side part will help draw attention away from the middle of your face. Another trick to visually reduce the size of your nose is to wear your bangs away from your head as long as you don't slick your hair straight back.

6. Grow a beard to make a small chin more masculine

If the feature that concerns you most is a small chin, the solution is straightforward: Grow facial hair. A moderate amount of facial hair will provide volume in your chin area, and the extra hair will give your overall look a very masculine vibe. Just remember to have the right tools handy in order to keep your beard groomed.
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5. Ramp up your cardio

Lifting weights may give you a tight, toned body, but if your workout routine is lacking in cardio, you may have a layer of fat over your muscles, and that extra weight can show on your face. Blasting off some body fat with a high-powered cardiovascular workout will not only make your physique appear more honed, but your cheekbones and jaw line will really stand out -- a combination that women find irresistibly sexy.

4. Wear sunglasses with a bold brow bar if your face is round

The right eyewear can do wonders in terms of enhancing your face. The wrong accessories, however, can be disastrous. Men with round faces, for instance, should avoid round glasses or sunglasses, as they will only accentuate your face shape. Instead, to create the impression of a square jaw, select eyewear with a bold brow bar. The solid bar is at once distracting but also adds a strong line to your face which will make you appear more dominant. Additional options for shades include anything with plenty of sharp lines and corners.

3. Sport fronts if you have an oblong face

When the length of your face is longer than the width, you have what is referred to as an oblong face or a rectangular face. This face shape often has a high, prominent forehead. The ideal hairstyle for you is one that incorporates a long front because this style will balance out your face by giving it a slightly more square shape that's visually pleasing.

2. Use facial hair to define a round face

Getting clever with your facial hair is a surefire way to make a round face appear more angular. The best option, particularly if you've got delicate facial features in addition to a round face, is a circle beard. You will, however, want to keep your facial hair cropped close to your face, as a bushy beard could overwhelm your features. Also, be sure to invest in a high quality razor in order to keep your facial hair lines super sharp and further create the illusion of a more angular jaw.

1. Wear colors that complement your eyes

Eye contact is very important, a fact that makes your peepers the most important feature on your face. Selecting your clothing on the basis of your eye color can therefore do wonders for your face and can exponentially increase the number of compliments coming your way. Men with blue eyes should opt for blue dress shirts to really make their eyes pop, while guys with green eyes can use accessory items like ties to add a bit of green to their ensembles. Brown-eyed men typically look good in camel, navy blue and red.