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Fattening Fried Butter Makes Canadian Debut

Toronto fairgoers will get a tasty, albeit fattening treat Friday when they visit Vicky Skinkle’s Sweet Treats concession stand at the Canadian National Exhibition: deep fried butter, the Toronto Star reported.

Deep fried butter made its debut at the State Fair of Texas last fall with winning results – creator Abel Gonzales Jr. won a trophy for most creative item.

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Skinkle said she mixes the butter with secret ingredients, scoops it out with a melon baller and freezes it, then dips it into a sweet funnel cake batter and deep fries it for 20 seconds. The butter balls are drizzled with raspberry, chocolate, caramel or vanilla and sprinkled with sugar.

Gonzales said he makes his fried butter slightly different, but the idea has taken off throughout North America.

"Ours isn’t like anyone else’s," said Skinkle’s husband, Scott. "And, I’ll keep (the details) hidden because I know people are always out to steal your thunder and we aren’t going to let them."

Other fattening, yet creative treats at the CNE include chocolate-covered bacon and deep-fried macaroni and cheese.

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