Wedding De-Stressing Tips for the Former First Daughter


If you thought planning your own wedding was stressful, try being the former First Daughter.

Chelsea Clinton’s big day is almost here, and it has already been dubbed America’s equivalent of a royal wedding.

It seems like the whole town of Rhinebeck, N.Y., even those who have no connection to the Clinton or Mezvinsky family, are celebrating the nuptials – with reports of popping bottles of champagne in the streets.

Even though most weddings don’t warrant a limit of airspace over the venue by the Federal Aviation Administration, doesn’t mean brides don’t feel overwhelmed with anxiety-filled situations when it comes to wedding planning.

Mailing invitations, choosing the band, finding a venue, replacing a photographer that bailed out at the last minute, and designing a seating plan that won’t cause a family feud on “the happiest day of your life” are just a few of the taxing situations that might burden brides-to-be.

VIDEO: Curb Wedding Stress

But brides (and don’t forget grooms) don't have to let the hectic details of wedding planning turn into an event that is a strain on the mind and body.

Here are five tips for keeping your cool before walking down the aisle:

1. Rent a Movie

Seems simple, but frazzled brides can chill out and tune out the chaos of their upcoming nuptials by renting a light-hearted chick flick either alone or with friends. Grooms, get some buddies together and rent an action flick, gross-out comedy, or have a beer and watch the game.

2. Exercise

Future brides and grooms can literally “work out” their frustrations by exercising. Exercise has been shown to ease tension and releases endorphins in the brain, resulting in a natural high. Along with making happy couples feel better, looking great on your wedding day is an added bonus!

3. Meditation and Yoga

At first thought, many people think meditation and yoga isn’t their thing, the breathing techniques of both are a natural stress reliever. Stress and anxiety often result in improper breathing, even hyperventilating, which can exacerbate stressful situations. Breathing and meditation can help tense brides and grooms control and quiet the noise in their minds. Don’t forget the stretching—the poses and stretches of yoga improve flexibility and encourage relaxation.

4. Head to the Spa

A bachelorette party of high heels and tequila shots to “let loose” might seem like a good idea at the time, but all that fun can leave a bride hung-over and even more stressed. Grab your bridal party and head to spa for massages, facials and manicures. You’ll feel good, and look even better!

5. Get Away … With Your Fiancé

Take a time out with your future spouse. A shorter and less expensive trip before the wedding can be just as important as the honeymoon. Head to the mountains or the beach for a weekend, or even just one night away from the fast pace of wedding planning.