Daily Health Watch 2008-03-14

Your daily health watch for Friday, March 14, 2008. This page will be updated throughout the day as we post new stories and videos to FoxNews Health. Please feel free to post your comments to any of our stories here, or send email to

VIDEO: Polish Your Pearly Whites

Ask Dr. Manny: I am interested in buying the best products for teeth whitening at home. Can you give me some tips?

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VIDEO: Hangover Cures: What Works?

Before you down that pint, check out these do's and don'ts of preventing and curing hangovers

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VIDEO: Au Natural

Healthy foods and products exhibited at California trade show

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VIDEO: Deadly Prognosis?

Study: Overcrowded hospital emergency rooms have fatal consequences for some patients

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VIDEO: Awake During Surgery

About 30,000 Americans each year experience anesthesia awareness

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VIDEO: Height Envy

Study: Shorter men more likely to be jealous

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VIDEO: Not-So-Fresh Face?

Cosmetic specialist blasts Nicole Kidman's 'bat face'

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Paralyzed Man, 44, Walks Out of Hospital
A Lincoln man initially told he had been paralyzed from the neck down in a bike crash last year has walked out of a Lincoln hospital.

Report: Young Teens Favor Inhalants to Get High
Drug users as young as 12- and 13-years-old are sniffing household chemicals to become high, according to the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition.

Expert: Teen Pregnancies Contribute to Overpopulation
Unwanted teen pregnancies and bouts of binge drinking are contributing to the world 's unsustainable population growth, a World Heath Organization academic said.

Woman Survives Heart Defect; Told She Had Epilepsy
A woman from Great Britain is looking forward to living a "normal " lifestyle after all, she has lived the past 23 years with a 1.5-inch hole in her heart, it is being reported by the Daily Telegraph.

Study: Dementia Diagnosis May Relieve Patients
Doctors often hesitate to tell patients they likely suffer from Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia, fearing the news will overwhelm them. But a study by Washington University in St. Louis suggests physicians need not worry.

Report: 7-Year-Old Can't Stop Harming Herself
A mother from Scotland is desperate to find help for her seven-year-old daughter who can't stop beating herself up, it is being reported.

Boy, 15, Kills Himself After Increased Ritalin Dosage
A British teenager who recently had his prescription for Ritalin increased committed suicide by hanging himself, according to a report in the Daily Mail.