Daily Health Watch 2008-03-07

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VIDEO: Drunkorexia

Dangerous diet trend combines starvation with alcohol abuse

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VIDEO: Cleaning Up

Study: Men who do more housework have more sex

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Study: Aspirin Decreases Risk of Breast Cancer
The report, which was done in England and was published by the International Journal of Clinical Practice, says non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) could cut the risk of cancer by 20 percent.

Study: Long Legs Identified as Cancer Risk
Tall women and those who put on weight are more likely to develop deadly melanoma, according to a study by Australian scientists; it is being reported by

Sea Creatures Could Help Parkinson's Patients
People suffering from Parkinson 's disease may one day be able to benefit from a brain implant, thanks to the response of a startled sea creature; it is being reported by the BBC News.

'Possessed' Students Sent Home From School
More than 100 Ugandan students were sent home from school this week after they mysteriously became hysterical, it is being reported by

Doctor Had Sex With Daughters
An Australian doctor who had sex with his two daughters was ordered never to practice medicine again.

Mom Run Over by Own Car Gives Birth to Healthy Baby
A woman gave birth to a healthy baby hours after jumping out of and being run over by her own car.

Women More Sexually Assertive Than Men, French Study Finds
France has released a comprehensive if not shocking study: French women are more assertive than French men when it comes to sex; it is being reported by The Daily Telegraph.