Daily Health Watch 2008-02-26

Your daily health watch for Tuesday, February 26, 2008. This page will be updated throughout the day as we post new stories and videos to FoxNews Health. Please feel free to post your comments to any of our stories here, or send email to

VIDEO: Day 3: Fighting The Cravings

We Tried It: The Health Team gears up for day 3 of the Cabbage Soup Diet

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VIDEO: Miracle Juice?

Ask Dr. Manny: Is pomegranate juice beneficial in lowering blood pressure?

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VIDEO: Skin Care Line for Cancer Patients

A skin care line is designed especially for cancer patients dealing with skin problems after radiation

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VIDEO: Short Supply

Study: Shortage of surgeons a growing problem in U.S.

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VIDEO: Surprising Findings

Between 35 and 50? Your risk of heart disease is rising

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VIDEO: Cabbage Soup Diet Day 2

We Tried It: The Health Team suffers through day 2 of the cabbage soup diet

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VIDEO: Common Cures

Home remedies that work

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Study: Antidepressants May Not Work in All Patients
Antidepressants may not work as well as in people who are mildly depressed as they do in patients with major depression, according to a new study published in the journal PLoS Medicine.

Study: Blood Test May Determine Bipolar Disorder
A simple blood test could now diagnose and help treat patients suffering from bipolar disorder, thanks to research from Indiana University 's School of Medicine.

Chinese Woman Dies From Bird Flu
A migrant worker has died of the H5N1 virus in southern China, the Hong Kong government said Tuesday, as the country confirmed its fourth outbreak of bird flu among poultry this year.

Health Care Spending to Double to $4.3 Trillion by 2017
By 2017, total health care spending will double to more than $4 trillion a year, accounting for one of every $5 the nation spends, the federal government projects.

9 Ways Women Can Prevent Heart Disease
Cardiovascular disease claimed the lives of 460,000 women in 2004, making it the leading cause of death, according to the American Heart Association.