Daily Health Watch 2008-02-22

Your daily health watch for Friday, February 22, 2008. This page will be updated throughout the day as we post new stories and videos to FoxNews Health. Please feel free to post your comments to any of our stories here, or send email to

VIDEO: Cabbage Soup Diet 101

We Tried It: Tune in for day 1 as the health team tries this fad diet

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VIDEO: Avoid a Deadly Vacation

Ask Dr. Manny: Our family is planning to take a trip to Mexico. What vaccinations do we need?

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VIDEO: Preventing Surgical Nightmares

Before you go under the knife make sure you know what you are getting yourself into

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VIDEO: Troubling Trend

Steroid abuse: Growing problem among girls

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VIDEO: Celebrities At Risk After Hepatitis Scare

A popular hotspot puts celebrities at risk when a worker is diagnosed with Hepatitis A

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Bartender-to-Celebrity Transmission of Hepatitis A Possible
Hepatitis A is the most common cause of viral hepatitis in the world and it's very possible that the bartender at a Manhattan hotspot transmitted his infection to the A-list celebrities who partied there, said one doctor.

Man Tells Wife Off, Rouses Her From Coma
desperate husband who learned a hospital was about to take his comatose wife off of life support managed to awaken her doing the one thing he knew she hated being "told off."

Study: Daytime Dozing May Indicate Stroke Risk
What do mammograms, blood-sugar tests and daytime dozing have in common? All may offer clues that someone is headed for a stroke, new studies suggest.

16-Year-Old Gives Birth to Second Set of Triplets
For the second time in two years, an Argentine teenager has given birth to female triplets, it is being reported.

Man With Leukemia Dies One Hour After Diagnosis
A U.K. man who went to a doctor with a sore throat died one hour after being told he had leukemia.

$10M Awarded to Mom Injected With Cleaning Fluid
A U.K. woman who was accidentally injected with cleaning fluid during childbirth has been awarded nearly $10 million, it is reported.

How to Look Healthy and Red Carpet-Ready
You don't have to be famous to be red-carpet ready for your big event. Here is a six-month plan to make you look like a star.