Daily Health Watch 2008-02-19

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VIDEO: Top Seven Fat-Burning Foods

Want to lose weight? Try this fat-melting fare

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VIDEO: Is Your Cat Avoiding the Litter Box?

Ask Dr. Manny: I have a 3 year old female cat that has started urinating on the carpet. What can I do?

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VIDEO: Medical 'Must Haves'

Dr. Jennifer Ashton on the 3 vaccines almost every adult needs

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Girl, 4, Faces Second Cancer Battle
A 4-year-old U.K. girl who survived her first battle against a rare childhood cancer once again is battling the disease, the Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

Medicare Won't Pay Hospitals That Make Mistakes
It's a new way to push for patient safety: Don't pay hospitals when they commit certain errors. Medicare will start hitting hospitals where it hurts in October, and other insurers are hot on the trail.

Hospital Pharmacy Error Blamed for Preemie's Death
An error by a hospital pharmacy led to the death of a premature baby who at one time was thriving, ABC News reported.

Girl Born With Eight Limbs Takes First Steps
With the help of a walker, the 2-year-old Indian girl born with eight limbs has taken her first steps.

When an Apology Does More Harm Than Good
An apology can do wonders for the human psyche. But what about empty apologies? Do they make anyone feel better? Not really. Still, it's something both celebrities and even regular folks do quite often.

Treatment of Cows Destined for Slaughter Debated
The cattle industry and animal rights groups bickered over the treatment of beef destined for U.S. dinner plates a day after secret video triggered the nation's largest meat recall.

Cotton Swab Left in Woman After C-Section
A British woman plans to sue the hospital that left a cotton swab inside of her following a Caesarean section.