Cheesy Ham Panini

Tomato basil soup, ham and cheese panini, and balsamic mustard salad dressing


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Do you need a nice comfort food meal? Try these delicious, quick, and easy cheesy ham paninis.


  • 8 slices of crusty bread
  • 4 slices of mozzarella chese
  • 4 slices of provolone cheese
  • 1 cup fresh spinach
  • 8 slices of ham
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste


Step 1

  • On one side of bread put a slice of mozzarella. Top the mozzarella with fresh spinach. The next layer will be ham and a bit more salt & pepper and lastly the provolone.

Step 2

  • Close up the sandwich and brush with some of the olive oil on each side of the bread (this will aid in browning).

Step 3

  • Grill in a preheated panini maker until the cheese begins to melt and the bread is toasted. Remove. Let sit for a few minutes.

Step 4

  • If you don’t have a panini maker, you will place the sandwiches in a heated frying pan. Top with another heavy skillet or a heat proof plate to press the sandwiches together. Cook until crisp, about 2 to 3 minutes on each side.

Step 5

  • Serve overtop of a bed of spinach with balsamic dressing (see Balsamic Mustard Dressing recipe)