McDonald's manager caught on camera yelling, cursing at customer

A McDonald’s manager in Muskego, Wis., was caught on camera yelling expletives at a customer and his young son in the drive-thru on Sunday.

Tom Olzewski and his 9-year-old son went to the fast food chain on Sunday afternoon to grab some hamburgers.

However, the pair ended up sitting in the drive-thru for 12 minutes after ordering, waiting for their food. Finally, Olzewski asked the employee at the window for his money back. According to a Facebook post, the employee said no and went to get the manager, who began yelling at Olzewski and his son.

"She just went ballistic right off the bat. She wasn't even willing to talk," said Olzewski to FOX6.


In the video, which Olzewski’s wife posted on Facebook, the manager is seen yelling at the two.

"Make your own cheeseburger! Teach your son how to cook a (expletive) hamburger!" she yelled in the video Olzewski recorded.

Olzewski responds that he just wants his money back, which the manager says she is doing.

"I'm getting you your money back. I want you to get out of my line,” she said in the video. “Move your crappy car.”

The manager eventually gives Olzewski back his money – $9.75 – before cursing at him one last time.

According to another customer, the manager said she was angry because the man complained about the wait.

"Yes, we are tired of people coming up here telling me, 'it takes too long. It takes too long.' Go somewhere else!" she told the customer.

The owner of the McDonald’s franchise told FOX6 the restaurant is investigating the situation.

“This behavior is not reflective of our organization, and we have been in contact with the customer to offer our deepest apologies while we investigate the incident.”


Olzewski said he would like the employee to lose her job for how she acted.

"I always thought McDonald's was a good place for kids to start off working and be mentored there properly and that, and after this incident, I wouldn't let my kids work here," said Olzewski.

Since posting the video on Facebook, it has received thousands of views and comments.

Alexandra Deabler is a Lifestyle writer and editor for Fox News.