Pizza Hut employee fends off three armed robbers in crazy security footage

Pizza Hut has found its employee of the month: Demetrius Carnegie.

An off-duty Pizza Hut employee who scared away three armed robbers says he automatically “went into security mode” when the suspects barged in demanding money.

On Feb. 19, Demetrius Carnegie was visiting his sister at the Philadelphia Pizza Hut location where they both work when the three teenage suspects stormed in with guns, Fox 29 reported. But instead of complying with the suspects’ demands, Carnegie began fighting back.

pizza hut robbery 1 philly pd

Demetrius Carnegie managed to fend off three would-be robbers who barged into his Pizza Hut demanding cash.  (Philadelphia Police Department)

"Through my head it was just 'go into security mode' and take care of what I gotta take care of," he told Fox 29.


In security footage released by the Philadelphia Police Department, Carnegie can be seen standing behind the registers when the first two suspects hop over the counter, guns drawn. The second suspect then pushes Carnegie, at which point he shoves the assailant back toward the counter and attempts to prevent a third gunman from jumping over.

pizza hut robbery 2 philly pd

In surveillance footage of the incident, Carnegie can be seen shoving a rack of pizza boxes toward an armed robber, who dives over the counter.  (Philadelphia Police Department)

Carnegie also attempts to push a shelf filled with pizza boxes on the assailants, who soon flee from the store.

"Honestly, I didn't know if [the guns] were real or not but I had to take my chance because anything can happen after they got the money," Carnegie remembered.

“He did not stop," said Lt. Daniel Brooks of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Northwest Detectives Division.


Police also confirmed that the would-be thieves left the restaurant with no money, and never fired a single shot. 

A fellow employee further remarked that Carnegie has a lot of “heart” to try and protect his co-workers and sister like he did.

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the three suspects, who are believed to be armed and dangerous. Anyone with information is instructed to call the Northwest Detective Division at 215-686-3353 or make an anonymous tip at