McDonald's faces backlash from non-profit group over hospital location

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine — a non-profit committee comprised of over 12,000 doctors — has taken aim at a McDonald’s location inside a hospital in Macon, Ga.

The Physicians Committee, or PCRM, is upset with Navicent Hospital Medical Center for what it feels is its lack of respinsible dining options. The PCRM has reached out to the CEO, DR. Ninfa Saunders, and chair of the hospital board, Starr Purde — neither of which had replied to the committee.


According to 41 NBC, the PCRM turned to advertisements, paying to put up five different ads at bus shelters around Macon, two of which are near Navicent.

The ads read, “Your heart’s not loving those cheeseburgers,” a jab at the McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ it” ad campaign.

Navicent has a contract with McDonald’s that will expire in 2019, and PCRM is doing everything they can to keep the hospital from renewing.

Dr. Neil Cooper, a physician in Atlanta, told 41 NBC, “It should seem just as strange today for hospitals and health care organizations to have fast food restaurants that we know promotes unhealthy conditions like type 3 diabetes, heart disease, obesity.”


But while Navicent has yet to respond to the PCRM, Tim Slocum, the vice-president of system support services for Navicent, released a statement to 41NBC.

“The Medical Center, Navicent Health provides a number of dining options for the convenience of our guests, including a number of cafeterias and cafes offering a variety of affordable, locally sourced menu options," said Slocum. "The Chick-fil-A franchise located on our campus ceased operation in April 2017 to make way for the expansion of Children’s Hospital, Navicent Health and to support our ongoing mission of providing high quality, reasonably priced health services for children throughout the region. We currently have a lease with a local McDonald’s franchisee, and plan to uphold the terms of that agreement.”

The PCRM is hoping its ads would get the attention of the board members before they had hold their next board meeting.

A representative from McDonald's was not immediately available for comment.