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Dos Toros founders reveal the secret to rolling a perfect burrito

Two brothers from Northern California are on a quest to make New York City's America's burrito capital.

Leo and Oliver Kremer, the founders of Dos Toros Taqueria, have been using their Bay-Area upbringing to introduce the perfect burrito to the East Coast and beyond. 

The brothers opened their first Dos Toros location in New York City in 2009. Now, they have 13 locations across the city and will open their first location in Chicago later this year.

So what, exactly, goes into creating the perfect burrito?

The Kramers gave Fox News a first-hand demonstration of the biggest burrito-making faux pas they say are running rampant in Tex Mex chains and food trucks.


Have you been the victim of a soggy, overstuffed burrito? Maybe the tortilla to filling ratio is just totally off. Or maybe the haphazard application of rice led to a clumpy, aesthetically unpleasing burrito ball. They brothers even have a term for a burrito swimming in too much sauce: a “squirty-rito.”

Leo and Oliver have mastered the art of the burrito roll and they reveal their keys to the perfect Dos Toros burrito. They demonstrate everything from the “shake” application of rice and beans to the “even chop” of guacamole plopped right down the meat of the burrito. And did you know the test of a true burrito is if it stands up on its own?

Spoiler: theirs consistently do. Watch above to see exactly how.