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Katie Lee shares her favorite tips for hosting a sweet spring party

Culinary personality and co-host on Food Network's hit show "The Kitchen," debuts a new recipe using Marshmallow Peeps chicks.

Culinary personality and co-host on Food Network's hit show "The Kitchen," debuts a new recipe using Marshmallow Peeps chicks.  (Jesus Aranguren/AP Images for Just Born Quality Confections)

Katie Lee knows a thing or two about hosting parties for a discerning crowd.

The famous foodie and cookbook author has been working in the food and beverage industry for over 15 years. With four cookbooks under her belt, the seasoned chef has an arsenal of tips and tricks for hosting holiday gatherings-- from intimate family gatherings to larger than life fiestas. 

Now that the weather is warming, the "Beach Bites" host shares some of her favorite springtime cooking tips with Fox News. She even has two, new signature recipes starring everyone’s favorite Easter treat—Peeps Marshmallows. 

Fox News: What are some of your favorite Easter and spring holiday traditions?

Katie Lee: There is a great feeling of renewal in the spring.  Living in New York, I am so happy feel the temperatures begin to rise and the leaves turn green.  I usually cook a big Easter brunch with my family and friends.  There is always a ham, deviled eggs, and my grandma’s pea salad recipe. 


What's your favorite springtime cocktail

I like a light and refreshing cocktail for spring.  As soon as the weather gets the least bit warm, I start making Aperol spritz.  I have cocktail hour on my terrace with a spritz, prosciutto and green olives. 

Did you grow up eating Peeps?

Growing up, I remember receiving the iconic yellow Chicks every year in my Easter basket, and now that I’m an adult, I still get excited every season to eat them.   

I think certain foods create nostalgia and bring us back to different times in our lives.  The new Peeps Delights are a “grown-up” version of the classic and I’m a bit of a choc-a-holic. I had a great time helping the brand launch their new line at this year’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival.  People get very excited about Peeps!


What are three warm-weather party tips no host should party plan without?

When you’re planning an outdoor party, create a menu that’s easy to execute and fine to be served room temperature.  I usually make a few salads in advance and keep them in the fridge until serving time. 

Remember lighting is important, string up some café lights or even clear Christmas tree lights and light some citronella candles.  I always keep bug spray on hand as well. A small fan can help keep bugs away as well. 


Any tips for those feeling too intimidated to host?

Keep it simple.  Summer is a great time to start entertaining because it is supposed to be relaxed and informal.  Remember, people are happy to be going out and having an invitation into your home.  As long as you keep the wine flowing, all will be ok!