'Cherry Pie Frappuccino' with flaky pastry crust coming to Starbucks Japan

The American Cherry Pie Frappucino is coming to Starbucks Japan.

The American Cherry Pie Frappucino is coming to Starbucks Japan.  (

Starbucks customers in Japan will soon be able to slurp up all the flavors of a scrumptuous cherry pie-- but they'll need a fork to break through the drink's crust.

Starbucks' American Cherry Pie Frappuccino is set to debut next week in Japan, and it's unlike anything the chain has ever released in the States — mostly because it comes topped with an honest-to-goodness, crispy, dough pie crust.

According to a translated press release from Starbucks, the idea is that customers will need to "stab" through the crust with a straw, "as if you are eating a pie with a fork."


The rest of the drink has whipped cream, vanilla-flavoring, bite-sized pieces of pie and cherry compote, reports Rocket News 24.

The American Cherry Pie Frappuccino will debut April 13, but as Starbucks told, the company currently has no plans to bring the all-American item to American locations.

“We don’t have plans to release the American Cherry Pie Frappuccino in the U.S. right now, but as always we continue to listen our customers’ feedback and look for opportunities to bring fan favorites from around the world to the U.S," said a spokesman.


The company's press release also confirms that Starbucks Japan will be debuting a second beverage, the Classic Tea Cream Frappuccino, on the same day as the American Cherry Pie Frappucino.

However, unlike the chain's new pie-based drink, the Classic Tea Cream Frappucino won't have a gimmicky lid. Instead, the Classic Tea Cream Frappuccino will be made with three kinds of tea leaves and "good-quality milk." It also comes topped with whipped cream and honey.

Both the American Cherry Pie and Classic Tea Cream Frappuccinos will only be available for a limited time — the former through May 6, and the latter through Aug. 8 — and cost 640 yen ($5.75) and 570 yen ($5.15), respectively.