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Burger King now has a Froot Loops Shake

Courtesy Burger King

Courtesy Burger King

Fruity cereal lovers rejoice. A colorful, breakfast-dessert hybrid concoction is coming soon to a Burger King near you.

This month, the Whopper chain is trying yet another mashup. Instead of dusting macaroni and cheese in Cheeto dust, Burger King is showcasing its sweet side with new menu item that will appear alongside their hand-spun shakes.

The Froot Loops shake is set to make its American store debut April 17. 


So what, exactly, is in a cereal milkshake?

According to a spokeswoman for Burger King, the drink features "velvety Vanilla-flavored Soft Serve, Froot Loops Cereal pieces and sweet sauce." 

Although the shake is sure to be sweet, all Froot Loops actually have the same “froot blend” flavor.

The Froot Loop Shakes will be joining the chain's lineup of other snacktime shakes such as the Oreo Shake and the Oreo Chocolate Shake, plus classics like vanilla and strawberry. The new Froot Loops shake, which retails for $2.99, will only be available for a limited time.