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Chris Pratt just made cleaning and gutting a fish look sexy


Who knew fish guts could be so charming?

America's favorite goofball-turned-dinosaur whisperer Chris Pratt recently put his outdoorsman skills on display in a video for Vanity Fair, demonstrating how to clean, gut and then attempt to cook a freshly caught sea bass.

While going to town on the bass, the actor cuts right through “the business section of the LA times” after “starting at the fish hand.”

Pratt, best known for his roles in the NBC comedy series, "Parks and Recreation," the sci-fi hit "Guradians of the Galaxy" and "Jurassic World," most recently appeared in the thriller "Passengers" with Jennifer Lawrence.

But the actor, who shares a home in the Hollywood Hills with wife Anna Faris, is also a pretty skilled hunter.  Last summer, vowed to only eat meat that he had caught and killed himself. 


But his demo for Vanity Fair ends up being more of another goofy stunt than a serious show.

"And there, my friend, is a fish that has been in the sun for quite some time," the actor says as he admired his handywork. 

Pratt even cuts through part of the fish guts, then throws the fishy remainders back into the water, because he says he's a firm believer in catch and release. 

But in real life, the actor is no stranger to the outdoors. Pratt has posted several fishing photos on his Instagram account.

Happy hunting, Chris.