Swedish brewery makes the world's most expensive potato chip

This box of five chips will set you back $56.

This box of five chips will set you back $56.

Looking for a salty snack that will really knock your socks off?

This potato chip may do just that—and leave a gaping hole in your wallet.

St. Erik’s Brewery in Sweden says it's crafted the world’s most expensive potato chip. Of course, it pairs perfectly with their signature India Pale Ale, but they’re meant be savored—not inhaled like a can of Pringles.

The chips were made in partnership with the Swedish National Culinary Team as a project to create “the world’s most exclusive chip.” And one box of just five crunchy chips will set you back $56.

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So what makes these potato crisps so pricey?

Each chip is seasoned with a variety of rare ingredients only found in Nordic countries during certain times of the year. Matsutake mushrooms are supposedly picked by hands wearing cotton gloves; Truffle seaweed isn’t actually a truffle but tastes like it; Leksand onion is picked and harvested according to exacting specifications and a powerful, potent dill. 

The potatoes themselves come from the Ammärnas-region, which are only cultivated in very limited numbers on a rocky, dangerous slope that we can only assume is climbed once a year under a blue harvest moon. Or something like that.

Either way, the gimmick is working. Just 100 boxes of the chips were released earlier this week and they’ve already sold out.

The brewery says it's considering making more but the flavor may not be the same.