Olive Garden Pasta Passes selling for as much at $4,200 on eBay

Olive Garden

 (Olive Garden)

Looking to binge on unlimited pasta this month? It’s going to cost you a lot more than $100.

Olive Garden sold a record amount of its Never Ending Pasta Passes on Thursday. A spokesperson for the chain confirmed to MarketWatch that all 21,000 passes were sold out in about a second after the site opened to customers at 2 p.m. ET.

Now, despite the fact that each pass is personalized to the original buyer's name, many of the purchased passes are showing up on eBay. Some are available for around $300 but at least one is listed at $4,200. The poster says this price is a “deal” since last year at least one pass sold on the online auction site for $10,000.

This year, Olive Garden also auctioned off several passes on eBay with all proceeds going to Feeding America.

A Never Ending Pasta Pass allows one diner seven weeks of unlimited access to the brand’s Never Ending Pasta Bowl, a promotion which sells for $9.99 to non pass holders. Customers can choose a pasta from a list that includes favorites like fettucine, penne and spaghetti; a sauce from options that include Asiago garlic Alfredo and marinara, and a topping such as meatballs or shrimp.

Pass holders can start chowing down on Oct. 3 and visit the chain as many times as they like until Nov. 20. Last year, the company reported that the average pass holder visited the chain 28 times over the course of the seven-week promotion—so most people who paid $100 definitely got their money’s worth.