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Italian police cook pasta dinner for 'lonely' elderly couple

A group of policemen went above and beyond for an elderly Italian couple.

A group of policemen went above and beyond for an elderly Italian couple.  (gradyreese)

Four Italian policemen have gone beyond the call of duty by cooking up some pasta for a distressed elderly couple.

On Aug. 3, neighbors reported hearing hysterical cries from the house of Michel, 94, and Jole, 89, the cops were quick to arrive on the scene. The elderly pair, who have been married for almost 70 years, became distressed after watching an upsetting news report on the television.

Michel and Jole, who are neighbors said are rarely visited by guests, were also suffering from loneliness.

The police decided to help out at the property even though there hadn’t been a crime.

After arriving at the couple's home, the Roman police decided to help out the couple in the best way they knew how-- by cooking up a delicious spaghetti and parmesan dish.

Providing the elderly couple with food and company was enough to calm them down. The officers also called for an ambulance to check that Michel and Jolie weren’t suffering from any medical problems.

Taking to Facebook to share the heartwarming story, the Italian police force, Questura di Roma, said: “There is not a crime.

“Jole and Michele are not victims of scams and no thief entered the house — there is no one to save.

“This time, for the boys, there is a more daunting task — two lonely souls who need reassuring.

“They understand that just a little human warmth will restore tranquillity to Jole and Michele.”

Since the Rome police shared the heartwarming story to Facebook last week, their post has racked up a whopping 24,000 shares and 66,000 likes.

Internet users from around the world have praised the cops for spending their time comforting distressed members of the community.

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