Australian dad arrested for buckling up beer, not kids

At least the beer was safe and sound.

At least the beer was safe and sound.  (iStock)

Australian police are still baffled over the arrest of a father who decided to buckle up two cases of beer in the car, but let six kids roam free in the vehicle without a seatbelt, including a baby.

The driver and two other adults in the car were wearing seatbelts, but the children were “Freewheeling” inside the vehicle, and many of them were packed into the crevices of the car. 

The two cases of beer were “safe and sound,” thanks to the sturdy seatbelt holding them in place.

“The level of shocking driving behavior has now escalated to the point where we need to regular patrols and trying to stop this,” Sgt. Paul World told The West Australian.

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