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Good at math? Win free pizza for 3.14 years from Pizza Hut on Pi Day

Win free pizza pie for being smart.

Win free pizza pie for being smart.

Are you a pizza-loving math whiz?

To celebrate National Pi Day (3.14) on Monday, Pizza Hut is rolling out a special contest with the chance to win free food for a little over three years. Or 3.141592653… years to be more exact.

All you have to do is answer three questions.

The questions will go live on Pizza Hut’s blog at 8 a.m. ET on March 14, and people will have until midnight to solve them. The chain will inform winners if their answers are truly pi worthy at which point they’ll have just 24 hours to collect their tasty prize.

Since March 14 is a special day for math enthusiasts, America’s largest pizza chain enlisted the help of Princeton University math professor John H. Conway to craft three questions— which range from high school to Ph.D. level in difficulty-- contestants must answer in order to score some free pie.

“Pi may be irrational, but free pizza is anything but,” the professor said in a press release.

The number pi is a mathematical constant consisting of billions of digits and since it dictates the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, the questions may involve some serious geometry and trig.

But how much is three year’s worth of pizza? 

We’re betting some people could put away quite a few pies. But Pizza Hut has worked out that 3.14 years of pizza for one person is worth a $1,600 gift card.