You'll pay the most for a Starbucks latte here

How much are you willing to spend a grande latte?

How much are you willing to spend a grande latte?  (Starbucks)

This week, we found out that Starbucks will be opening stores in Italy. 

We're already aware that Starbucks devotees in the U.S. are willing to shell out big bucks for their favorite signature coffee drink. Time will tell if Italy's coffee snobs will embrace the java chain.  

Apparently other countries in Europe --and elsewhere --already do.   

But would you pay $7 for just a latte?

Thrillist called Starbucks locations across 30 different countries to compile with the cost of one grande latte per location and the results may shock you-- or come as a welcome surprise, depending on where you live.

The cheapest Starbucks latte can be found in Brazil for just $1.49. While the cost of a latte varies across the U.S., in February Thrillist found that a latte will set you back just over $5 in Miami—which puts in the top 10 most expensive cups.

While many countries with Starbucks offer a latte well below the $5 mark, steer clear of Zurich, Switzerland unless you have plenty of cash to spare. A grand latte clocks in at a whopping $6.96.

We'll just have to wait and see how much the chain will charge for a latte when it open its first Italian outpost in Milan.