New 'Ghostbusters' Ecto-Cooler Hi-C can is selling on eBay for $175

A new Ecto-Cooler Hi-C can as seen in a listing on eBay.

A new Ecto-Cooler Hi-C can as seen in a listing on eBay.

It’s hard to think that the return of a canned Hi-C drink would send people into tailspin. 

But a can of a citrus-flavored fruit drink, believed to be a prototype of Coca-Cola's reboot of a 1980s drink to promote the new “Ghostbusters” movie, has popped up on eBay and is creating quite a frenzy.

According to an eBay listing, the Ghostbusters Hi-C Ecto-Cooler can is a “super rare item never offered on eBay before.”

The eBay seller, Rkv-ent, claims the can belongs to a friend “who used to work for a marketing company” and received the item recently.

The drink was a green-colored sugar concoction that was originally created in 1987 by Coca-Cold as a tie-in for cartoon series “The Real Ghostbusters” –the animated spinoff of the 1984 movie. The show went off the air in 1991, but the drink was so popular, Coca-Cola continued to make it 2001. The character Slimer disappeared from the box in 1997.

The auction for the can—which appears to be devoid of any contents--ends on Sunday, Feb. 21 and so far bids for the drink are over $175.

Speculation over the possibility of Coca-Cola bringing back the retro drink has been rife.  In September, the company re-registered the trademark for the citrus drink and fans have continued to buzz about it.

This comes amid the reboot of several other nostalgic drinks, such as a frozen citrus-flavored soda Surge by Burger King.