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Minnesota McDonald’s angers Vikings fans with rival promotional cups

Minnesota Vikings fans may get an unwelcome surprise at one local McDonald's.

Minnesota Vikings fans may get an unwelcome surprise at one local McDonald's.  (AP)

When it comes to football, the battle lines are clearly drawn between two popular Midwest teams--NFC North division rivals Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers.

But one suburban Minneapolis–Saint Paul McDonald’s didn't seem to get the memo about team loyalty.  The fast food restaurant, located in the heart of Viking territory, offered a "buy one, get one free" deal on breakfast sandwiches -- tied to the Green Bay Packers winning, reports the Star Tribune.  

The deal, printed on promotional cups, read: "Buy one breakfast or regular menu sandwich, get one FREE when the Packers win!"

One astute customer, Paul Severson, Monday tweeted out a picture of the offending cups-- writing "here is the pic of McDonalds trolling Vikings fans!"

A few Minnesota fans across Twitter were outraged at the back-stabbing deal.

But Packers fans were ready with their own jabs.

With two recent losses—including one against Green Bay—Vikings fans have had it rough watching their first place division title slip away --and this only added salt to the wound --as well as sparked a bit of confusion.

“I know there have been Vikings and Gophers promotions because this is Minnesota,” the manager told the Star Tribune. “It sounds like something that would happen in Wisconsin. I have no idea.”

But she soon contacted the paper again and confirmed that there had been an “accidental shipment of Packers cups and that some of them had made their way to customers.”

The good news is that the store said that despite the mixup, it will still honor the promotion. With the Packers most recent win against the Dallas Cowboys, at least a few Minnesota McDonald’s customers are entitled to a free breakfast sandwich to ease the pain of their home team’s loss.