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McDonald’s to introduce mozzarella sticks nationwide in 2016

McDonald's will soon offer mozzarella sticks across the U.S.

McDonald's will soon offer mozzarella sticks across the U.S.  (McDonald's UK)

McDonald’s is getting an Italian-style menu shake up with the roll out of mozzarella sticks across the U.S. next year.

According to Business Insider, McDonald's US President Mike Andres announced the new menu item at an investors’ meeting Tuesday in New York City.

Wisconsin McDonald’s experimented with mozzarella sticks earlier this summer as part of its Lovin’ Value Menu. At the time, a franchisee said customers wanted more snacking choices.

"Our customers told us they are looking for the ability to customize their meals a little more," one franchisee told Fox 6. "People are snacking more often these days and looking for more options to create a right-sized meal for them. Mini meals allow them to do just that at an amazing value."

On Nov. 6, McDonald’s TriState Twitter account announced the rollout of the fried cheese sticks at participating locations. McDonald's is charging $1 for three mozzarella sticks that come with a side of marinara dipping sauce. Corporate has yet to announce a date for nationwide rollout.

Already, response the new menu item has been pretty positive.