Harry Potter themed bar opens in Toronto

The subtle Harry Potter references will delight true fans.

The subtle Harry Potter references will delight true fans.  (The Lockhart)

Harry Potter fans now have a place to toast their favorite wizard.

The Lockhart, a new Harry Potter themed bar in Toronto’s West End, is the brainchild of Matt Rocks and co-founder Paris Xerx. The Lockhart features a few small plates but the artisan potions—or cocktails—are what will really delight Potter fans in the know.

“Ludo’s Debt” (Ludo Bagman is a wizard in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book) is a refreshing tincture of lemon infused gin, lillet blanc and aperol, while the “The Shacklebolt” (Kingsley Shacklebolt works at Ministry of Magic) is a spicier rum cocktail with homemade ginger beer and ginger bitters.

But there’s no Butterbeer, so you’ll still have to travel to Universal Orlando for a sip of Harry’s true favorite beverage.

“We’re definitely trying to stay away from being too niche. I try to be quite ambiguous about our Harry Potter references,” Rocks told The Toronto Star.

The wood paneled interior of the bar might appear similar to any casual hipster haunt but the duo drop subtle H.P. references throughout the décor. The famous last line of the series “All was well,” appears as a lighted neon sign. One wall features a stag patronus (Harry's transformation figure) and there’s a hidden Deathly Hallows symbol, which represents powerful magical objects in the series.

The bar is not affiliated with the Harry Potter brand or JK Rowling, and so far the owners have not been contacted by any lawyers.

Rock says the space is more of an homage to the books, not a full blown theme.

“I’m very aware of copyright issues. I’d like to stay away from that. I love J.K. Rowling too much to really step on her toes,” Rock said. 

But the superfan says he hopes Rowling will reach out to him with some positive feedback on The Lockhart soon.