Vodka is out, Fireball Whisky and Jack Daniel's are in

Fireball Whisky is the most popular liquor brand in 15 states.

Fireball Whisky is the most popular liquor brand in 15 states.  (Fireball Whisky)

When it comes to hard liquor tastes in the U.S., vodka is out and whiskey is in.

Drinking app BARTENDr analyzed data from over 700,000 users across the country and found that the two most popular brands of hard alcohol are Fireball Whisky—which is actually a whiskey flavored liqueur-- and Jack Daniel's.

The app looked at posts and photos of liquors mentioned by users in every state. Some type of whiskey came out on top in 42 out of 50 states, with Fireball and Jack Daniel's each tied for first in 15 states. 

While many beer maps tend to showcase regional preferences, it appears drinkers all over the country can’t get enough of the cinnamon flavored spirit, which came out in on top in places including Maine, Alaska, Arkansas, Minnesota and New Mexico.

Only two states are big vodka drinkers, according to BARTENDr data. Virginians like Grey Goose and in Maryland, Svedka was tied with Fireball. The shift away from vodka toward bourbon-flavored drinks, is largely due to shifting millennial preferences, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Vodka consumption declined nearly 2 percent between 2010 and 2014 while whiskey sales have risen nearly 3 percent in the same time period. American bourbon and Tennessee whiskey sales climbed almost 17 percent.

Liquor analyst Trevor Stirling told the Journal that Pernod Ricard SA, the makers behind Absolut, may have to reinvent the brand to keep up with changing tastes. Though the shift in tastes has not affected the company’s overall profits, Stirling said it's “not universal gloom and doom [for Pernod], but they’re in a tough situation.”