Heinz ketchup isn't called ketchup anymore --in Israel

How can it be? Heinz ketchup is now defined as mere "tomato seasoning".  

Before you panic, Heinz in America is still called ketchup, but in Israel it’s a different story.

The nation's health ministry has decreed that Heinz's version doesn't have enough "tomato solids" to meet its definition of ketchup, reports the Times of Israel.

The decision came after protest by a local competitor, food manufacturer Osem, who complained about the low amount of actual tomato product in the condiment, according to Haaretz.

Just in case you’re wondering, the U.S. has similar definitions that qualify a product as something that can sold as ketchup.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, ketchup can be made with tomatoes and other ingredients, like tomato concentrate,  liquid from mature tomatoes, liquid  from preparing tomatoes (ie: during canning) or liquid from partial extraction of juice from tomatoes.

Put that on your fries.