Cheers! Toast like a local on International Beer Day

Four men toasting with fresh beer

Four men toasting with fresh beer

Toasting on any holiday is customary-- but today its pretty much mandatory. Aug. 7 is International Beer Day so keep a cold one close by and be prepared to raise it high.

But depending on where you decide to pop a brew, tradition may dictate a slightly different way to salute your drinking mates.

Taking a business trip to South Korea? Make sure your hands are free. It’s traditional to accept and pour beer with both hands before clinking glasses.

Visiting family or friends in Armenia? If you’re sharing a beer bottle with the table, be considerate and pour the last drops into your own glass. Though it may seem selfish, Armenian custom dictates otherwise: whoever receives the final pour must purchase the next bottle.

In China, toasting, usually with beer, wine or Chinese white liquors, is an important part of business etiquette. The host will make the first toast. If it is to you, then you should respond with a toast to your host. Toasting will continue throughout the meal. Clinking the other person's glass below the rim is a sign of respect.

Whether you’re enjoying a Belgian-brewed tripel or kicking back with a Guinness in Ireland, check out Let’s Grab A Beer’s video guide to toasting like a local.