Fast food chain Wayback Burgers selling cricket milkshakes

Is your milkshake chirping?

Is your milkshake chirping?  (Wayback Burgers)

Is this another sign that the bug craze is going mainstream?   

Connecticut fast food chain Wayback Burgers is rolling out a limited edition milkshake that may have some people bugging out. 

Starting July 1, Wayback --with over 100 locations across the U.S.-- will offer an Oreo mud pie cricket protein milkshake made with Peruvian chocolate-flavored cricket powder.

Over the past few years, bugs – particularly crickets --have become a popular protein alternative for meats like chicken and beef that have a larger carbon footprint.  But while we've seen this trend in high end eateries and in snack foods, it's largely been absent from fast food, until now. 

The bug-infused shake was originally just an April Fool’s joke dreamed up by the Wayback PR team to drum up buzz (pun intended).  But they tested it in Long Island and got some pretty positive responses, so the chain decided to roll the shake out on a larger scale.

"We had it for two hours. There were people lined up to try it," John Eucalitto, president at Wayback Burgers, told CNBC.

After testing 20 to 30 different variations with five cricket protein powders, the final product was born. If you’re squeamish about bugs near their burgers, Eucalitto assures patrons that the protein powders are not homemade.

"People think maybe we're grinding up crickets in the back room," the president said. The chain will also offer the cricket powder as a supplement to add to any other shake flavor for customers seeking an extra protein boost. 

Wayback also has a shake for meat lovers. They created a jerky flavored milkshake that comes in three beefy flavors: barbecue, maple syrup, or hickory spice — and garnished with a Slim Jim.

The protein-packed shakes will be available through September, but if the test is successful, they may be added as a permanent menu item.