Trader Joe’s maple water may be the next super-drink

The jury may still be out on the effectiveness of so-called “super beverages” like coconut water and birch tree water. But that hasn’t stopped us from wanting to try what could be next big thing in next-level hydration.

Maple water, already a hit in Canada, is now coming to Trader Joe shelves in the U.S. So if coconut water isn’t sweet enough for you, this will likely do the trick.

Like birch tree water which is tapped from birch trees, maple water is tapped from maple trees. It’s basically tree sap in its pure liquid form before its reduced-- into the syrup we all know and love-- with heat.

“Unreduced tree sap contains 98% percent water and is much less viscous. So when you drink it, you get a refreshing sense of hydration, with a nice hint of mapley sweetness,” Trader Joe’s explains on their product blog.

Sounds pretty good to us but how can a drink derived from maple actually be good for you? From a caloric perspective, it actually fares better than many coconut waters on the market.

An 8.45 ounce carton of Zico coconut water has 50 calories and nine grams of sugar. An 8-ounce serving of Trader Joe’s new maple water has just 25 calories with 5 grams of sugar.

And like many Trader Joe’s items, this is pretty much a bargain. A 32-ounce container retails for for just $2.99.