Hostess ‘touchdown’ baseball tweet just a clever ad ruse?

Home run, touchdown...same thing?

Home run, touchdown...same thing?  (Twitter/Hostess Snacks)

On Monday, the MLB celebrated opening day with 14 games across the country. But baseball fans weren’t the only people jumping for joy. Hostess cupcakes declared its love for America’s pastime with an unusual tweet that had followers scratching their heads.

“It's here and we couldn't be filled with more sweet joy. #OpeningDay” the snack company tweeted from its Hostess Snacks account. Accompanied with the caption was a picture of two cupcakes with white icing and squiggly red stripes to resemble baseballs and the word “Touchdown” in bold white characters.

Didn’t they mean “home run”?

Tweeters across the social media sphere were quick to respond expressing their shock and poke fun at the brand for not understanding the fundamentals of the sport.

Even those at shipping giant FedEx were perplexed but sensed something fishy going on with the marketing team.

But Hostess says that of course it knows baseball basics and the touchdown line was all a clever ruse to get people talking.

“Since embarking on the ‘Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever’ nearly two years ago, Hostess has employed a strategy aimed at contemporizing the brand,” a Hostess spokeswoman told Business Insider. “The bolder approach has been particularly visible in the brand’s social media platforms. The ‘Touchdown’ line was intentional; it’s fun and aimed at young audiences who are in on the running joke — which, of course, is the goalllll.”

With over 1,000 retweets and nearly 900 favorites, the wacky placement certainly got people talking. Maybe the snack brand’s social media team shouldn’t be fired after all.

Hostess Brands was created in 2013 following the bankruptcy protection proceedings of the original company and is owned by private investors Apollo Global and C. Dean Metropoulos.

No word yet on if tricking sports fans translated into boosted Twinkie sales.