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Freedom Clip lets users permanently brew non-Keurig K-Cup pods

Finally, true freedom from Keurig's restrictive machines.

Finally, true freedom from Keurig's restrictive machines.  (Rogers Family Company)

Keurig’s 2.0 coffee machines are designed only to accept especially designed K-Cup pods but that hasn’t deterred dozens of hackers of getting around the system.

While there are plenty of websites and videos devoted to cracking the code of company licensed digital ink stamp that appears on the top foil of Keurig Green Mountain K-Cup’s newest pods, the Rogers Family Company, an online purveyor of coffee and tea products, has come up with reusable device that circumvents Keurig’s official system.

The Freedom Clip, a plastic device that slides over the DRM sensor and tricks it into believing that every inserted coffee pod --even those that are non-approved --is a K-Cup --forever.

Rogers Family Company proudly proclaims this clip will fight the Keurig monopoly and they are willing to stand up for their cause by shipping one their Freedom Clips to you for free-- anywhere in the 48 contiguous states.

Rogers Family has sued Keurig Green Mountain, saying that the licensed K-cup coffee is the company's attempt to create a monopoly.  Customers aren't too pleased either, especally after Keurig Green Mountain hiked prices by 9 percent for the K-Cup packets used in its brewing system, as well as other products.