Sriracha secrets reveled in new video

An inside look at the factory where Sriracha is produced.

An inside look at the factory where Sriracha is produced.  (YouTube/Hypebeast)

Few sauces have inspired such ardent devotion—and neighborhood controversy-- as Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha. 

Despite its Irwindale, California production plant almost getting the boot for its offensive smell, the Thai chili hot sauce is still a staple on dining tables around the country but parts of its production were shrouded in mystery—until now.

Hypebeast made a visit to the  plant where Sriracha is made. David Tran, the CEO of Huy Fong Foods, explains how he started the business 35 years ago after fleeing Vietnam. The name of his company honors the boat that carried him to the U.S. with the same name. From a small store that hand packed sauces to a multi-million bottle a year operation, Huy Fong has grown well beyond the founder’s expectations.

The video contains lots of other spicy tidbits. Did you know that green tip bottle is a nod to the fresh green stem from the main chili pepper ingredient? Also, an entire crop of chilis used to make enough Sriracha for a full year is harvested all at once to keep quality consistent.

Check out the beautifully shot mini documentary below.