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Green Bay Packers’ stadium unveils behemoth burger with beef and venison

The Big Game Burger clocks in at 3.5 pounds.

The Big Game Burger clocks in at 3.5 pounds.  (Delaware North)

This will certainly football fans riled up for the big game.

Just in time for the playoffs, Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, has introduced a monster burger loaded with three different types of meat and truckload of toppings.

At $20, the Big Game Burger certainly isn’t cheap but it’s loaded with enough protein and extras to feed a small army. The full list includes:

-½ pound ground venison
-½ pound ground bacon
-½ pound ground certified Angus beef
-Jalapeno cheese BBQ sauce
-Six strips of crispy jalapeno smoked bacon
-Fried onions
-Shredded lettuce
- Sliced tomato
-Secret sauce
-Served on a pretzel bun

Packers fans will be able to chow down on The Big Game Burger this weekend when Green Bay takes on the Dallas Cowboys at home.

Delaware North, the concession provider for Lambeau Field, told FoxNews.com that the burger is currently only planned for the postseason. But if it’s a hit, we wouldn’t be surprised if copycats start popping up at other major stadiums.