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Starbucks introduces the Flat White, but is it really all that?

A Flat White beverage tastes similar to a traditional latte.

A Flat White beverage tastes similar to a traditional latte.  (Starbucks)

When Starbucks introduces a new drink, there is often a lot of fanfare about flavorings and syrups. But the latest offering from the mega-coffee chain has back-to-basic espresso roots. 

Starbucks says its Flat White, which originated in Australia, is a combination of “expertly steamed milk poured over ristretto shots of espresso and finished with a Starbucks signature dot.”

Hugh Jackman, who owns a coffee shop in New York City, is a big fan and explained to Grubstreet in 2011 that “it’s like a latte with a little less milk and more espresso.” set out to try this not-so-brand new offering.

“We just got this on the menu yesterday and we’re seeing a lot of orders so far,” a Starbucks barista in New York told us.

At first glance, the Flat White looks like your average latte—light caramel color with a bit of foam on top. The initial sip tastes pretty much like a regular latte but there’s a bitter aftertaste that non-espresso aficionados will likely shy away from. Taste testers were divided.

"I really love it because I'm a fan of bitter, deeper roasts," a Starbucks customer told

But one of our reporters wasn't so sure and said she did not care for the "strange after taste."

A grande Flat White is $4.25, almost a dollar more than a traditional latte. Made with 2 percent milk, it has the same amount of calories as a Starbucks latte but we’re not sure it’s worth the extra money.