Holiday Gift Guide

Hilarious political themed kitchen gadgets

From nutcrackers to spatulas, it’s time to get cooking Washington-style.

  • 1. Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

    Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

    Sexist or funny? A version of this gag gift has been out since 2007 but with a presidential speculation at an all time high, this nutcracker may be a more popular stocking stuffer this year. The packages proudly proclaims that this Hillary has “Stainless steel thighs!” and “Cracks toughest nuts!”

    Price: $13.96 at

  • 2. Bill Clinton Corkscrew

    Bill Clinton Corkscrew


    No vintner’s collection is complete without a reliable wine opener. The Amazon description says this product is “guaranteed to add amusement to any dinner party.” Guess it depends on who you have to dinner. This gag gift, which originally retailed for just $19.99, is available for more than twice that on eBay today.

    Price: $40 and up on

  • 3. Political party etched beer steins

    Political party etched beer steins

    Have a party with your favorite party. These glass mugs hold 25 oz of your favorite brew or beverage. Since the Elephant and Donkey are etched in, they won’t fade or scuff overtime. Made in the U.S.

    Price: $17.99 per glass

  • 4. Mitt Romney Vanilla Soap Head

    Mitt Romney Vanilla Soap Head

    Keep hands clean during prep time with this soapy bust of the former presidential nominee. It’s pretty lifelike but what happens whens to Mitt's head of hair when the soap starts to melt?

    Price: $7.95

  • 5. ObamaMints


    Yes we can-dy! These flavorful mini peppermints will freshen up in the filthiest mouth after a dirty debate.

    Price: $10 for a set of 4

  • 6. Governor Christies Christmas Cookies paper ornament

    Governor Christies Christmas Cookies paper ornament

    This festive decoration will brighten up any kitchen or home holiday display. The New Jersey governor may have recently shed the pounds but that doesn't mean he won't share a holiday cookie or two. This paper ornament stands approximately 6" tall by 3" wide and features original artwork. Also available as a print.

    Price $8.00

  • 7. Political Party silicone ice cube trays

    Political Party silicone ice cube trays

    No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, who doesn’t enjoy a nice cold drink? Party guests will line up for a beverage chilled by a Democrat Donkey or Republican Elephant. The versatile trays can be used for ice, or candy and chocolate making.

    Price: $20.99

  • 8. Democrat and Republican steak branders

    Democrat and Republican steak branders

    Bring on the heat. These steak brands take party affiliations to another level. From tailgates to barbecues, proudly proclaim your party pride on your favorite cut of meat. Note: These hot brands should be used only on food.

    Price: $24.95

  • 9. Election cookie decorating set

    Election cookie decorating set

    These solid copper cookie cutters are made by hand right in the U.S. The whole kit comes with a rainbow of patriotic sprinkles.

    Price: $33.95 for full set