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Will new McDonald's burgers cost $10?

Endless burger options coming from McDonald's.

Endless burger options coming from McDonald's.  (McDonald's Australia )

People want better burgers.

And McDonald’s is responding to the rally cry for fast casual food by rolling out premium toppings at several Australia locations.

“McDonald’s is innovating and changing again to meet the needs of our customers,” Andrew Gregory, McDonald’s Australia CEO, told “What we’re really doing here is simply what our customers have asked us to do.”

The new system called “Create Your Taste” allows diners to construct customized burgers with toppings beyond lettuce and tomatoes. Diners order meals through an iPad like touch screen which minimizes error from human interaction. From there, choose toppings like eggs, grilled mushrooms and pineapple, and even guacamole. Diners can even choose between different buns and a variety of spices.  

Most add-ons are free but some cost up to $1 AU each, meaning your premium built McDonald’s burger could easily $8 or more in the near future. Add fries and a drink and you’re pushing $10.

McDonald’s plans to expand its premium ordering system to all 900 Australia restaurants.

Australians may be lovin’ it but will Americans?

McDonald's has been testing a similar "Create Your Taste" test in Southern California locations. Choices include the every popular South-of-the-Border favorite guacamole for $.89. No word yet on when or if the mega-chain plans to expand its premium offerings eastward. 

Is America ready for pricier McDonald's burgers?  Tell us what you think.