Enjoy a purr-fect coffee at North America’s first cat café

Cats gaze up at a shop customer.

Cats gaze up at a shop customer.  (

Pop-up cat cafes have been taking over cities in Europe and Japan, but Saturday, North America got its very own permanent feline coffee shop with the grand opening of Le Café des Chats in Montreal.

Youssef Labib, one of the café’s owners who loves both cats and coffee, will soon be opening similar themed shops in San Diego, Portland, New York and Seattle, according to Eater.

The cat cafe will be a feline-lover's paradise.  In addition to getting a cup of coffee and some snacks, the restaurant will be home to about a dozen cats that have been adopted from shelters or groups. Each cat will receive veterinary care, vaccinations, and be microchipped and spayed or neutered. If you’re allergic to cats be wary: These felines roam free throughout the shop, playing with toys and leaping on specially built apparatus.

On the coffee shop’s website, adorably themed pastries and latte art featuring kittens will be among the many themed items sold.

Customers are advised on proper cat café protocol before entering the shop which includes no loud, startling noises, no flash photography and general respect for the four legged friends.

Unfortunately, cat lovers are not able to bring their own pets into the shop at this time.