Extreme Foods

Eat the brown stuff in this chocolate bathroom

Some food  mashups are a match made in heaven. Some are just odd.

Welcome to your very own chocolate bathroom.

This sweet suite, a collaboration between Bathrooms.com and Choccywoccydoodah, a U.K.-based team of fanciful chocolatiers, is made entirely out of Belgian chocolate, reports the NY Daily News.

The best news is that this set can be yours for just under $133,000. The full range features include an edible bathtub for $83,000, a sink $15,000 and a toilet for $23,400. Don’t worry about the brown stuff—its chocolate.  Do note that the team behind the project strongly advises against actually using any of the items.

The whimsical, and strange, idea came from  a common mix up of the words ‘suite’ and ‘sweet’ which the team wanted to set straight.

“As a consequence of shoppers searching for ‘bathroom sweets’ we decided to answer their search, literally,” Bathrooms.com CEO Ian Monk said in a press release.

“Our very own exclusive chocolate bathroom suite, based on our Maderno range, was initially a bit of fun, but once we realized it was possible to actually make we knew we decided to buy Bathroomsweets.com and list the product.”

The presumably delicious bathroom will stay solid for up to six months but must be kept at room temperature. So no hot baths in this tub and definitely keep these items away from a sunny window.

The entire life-size room has an estimated 9.4 million calories and, according to the website’s press release, it really is made entirely out of pure chocolate.

But if you’re in the market for an edible bidet, have patience. Delivery time takes about two to three months.