Bubbly Blood Orange Sangria


Sangria seems the perfect pairing for spring, which for much of the nation, can't come soon enough.

Making the classic Spanish cocktail doesn’t require complicated mixology­­. Simply throw a medley of your favorite ripe fruit into a punch bowl filled with red wine and enjoy. But one blogger is adding a new twist to her take.

“Here’s a simple, delicious recipe for citrus sangria,” says Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess. “It’s the perfect solution for a last-minute party or casual weekend get-together with friends!”

The secret to Chapman’s recipe? Plenty of juicy blood oranges.

But the magic behind this cocktail doesn’t stop there.

Chapman’s sangria incorporates plenty of champagne for delightful, bubbly results -- you won’t even miss the lack of red wine and neither will your friends.

“My favorite thing about champagne punches is that you can pre-make everything for a party and just add the champagne when the guests arrive,” says Chapman.

And really, who doesn’t love bubbles?

Serve this simple blood orange sangria in batches for a truly unforgettable night -- or for the perfect brunch.

For the full recipe, click here.