How To Make Apple Dumpling Monkey Bread

CATCH's executive pastry chef, Thiago Silval shows us how to make traditional apple pie with a twist.


Golden, pull-apart fluffy bread that’s secretly a cake waiting to be devoured? It’s no wonder monkey bread continues to warm our hearts and ovens.

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Just as fun to tear apart as it is to eat, this sticky, heavy loaf made with brown sugar is the perfect pastry to serve guests for any last-minute occasion. Not only is finger-licking good on its own for any time of the day, but monkey bread also fills your home with the sweet, comforting aroma of cinnamon and yes, more sugar.

Plus, it doesn’t require expertise to prepare it like a pro.

“Monkey bread is crazy easy to make, and it’s a dish that is able to feed a crowd,” says Emma Chapman, blogger and recipe developer behind A Beautiful Mess. Chapman, who grew up on savoring monkey bread during childhood sleepovers, continues to make this dish for her loved ones by adding a yummy twist to the recipe.

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“This version is a little bit spicier with extra brown sugar and cinnamon,” she explains. “(I also) add baked apple bites to the bread. “It’s heavenly. I will be sure to make this for my (future) kids someday when they are old enough to have sleepovers.”

Of course, you can enjoy this tantalizing feast of a treat this very second.

“Next time you find yourself hosting some kind of brunch, make this,” adds Chapman. “Everyone will applaud you.”

For the full recipe, click here.