Special Edition Oreo Flavor Makes No Sense and Too Much Sense at the Same Time



Nabisco has released some wild and wonderful Oreo flavors in the past, like their multi-colored Watermelon Oreos or last year's limited-edition Candy Corn Oreos. In China, they've even experimented with gum-filled Oreos.

But this latest flavor is extra mind-boggling.

The Consumerist reports that special edition Cookies n' Creme Oreos have been spotted on store shelves, which begs the following question: What is an Oreo if not cookies and cream in the first place? From the pictures on the packaging, however, it's safe to surmise that the Cookies n' Creme filling is actually intended to taste like cookies 'n cream ice cream — which itself is ice cream flavored with Oreo cookie bits, at least more often than not.

If you're curious to try this new, seemingly ordinary Oreo flavor, a consumer review website called The Impulse Buy heard they were last seen at Walgreens.