Burger King's $1 'French Fry Burger' is Exactly What It Sounds Like


 (Burger King/Associated Press)

If you're the type of innovative foodie who piles a handful of fries on top of your burger, Burger King is about to save you 9 seconds.

On September 1, the Miami-based fast food chain is set to debut their new French Fry Burger featuring beef, fixins and fries between the buns. It's not an especially innovative sandwich, and it doesn't feature that many fries (only 4, according to the Associated Press), but it does come at a price that Burger King is hoping its customers will appreciate. They're pricing the item at just $1, possibly in an effort to fortify their BK Value Menu against competition from McDonald's and Wendy's.

In addition to fries, Burger King's new French Fry Burger will also contain 360 calories and 19 grams of fat, according to the AP. They also note that, despite the novelty of the item, Burger King already has the necessary ingredients to assemble this sandwich, so it doesn't require much of an additional investment on their part.

Nevertheless, Burger King is banking on you loving their fries enough to want them on your burgers.

But do you?