Strawberry Pesto Pizza: The Summer Recipe You'll Enjoy All Year Long


 (nosh and nourish)

Who says pizza and strawberries don't go together?

Author and recipe developer Kelly at nosh and nourish believes the final sun-soaked days of summer are ripe for mixing the two.

According to Kelly, her strawberry pesto pizza is not only fun to make with the family, but it’s quick, easy, and doesn't compromise on taste. “The strawberry pesto pizza is the perfect combination of flavors, both sweet and savory,” she explains. “And it’s so beautiful! I love how pink the strawberries look after they bake.”

With a delicious combo of parmesan, Romano, and goat cheeses, as well as plenty of fresh basil leaves, this main course-meets-dessert allows you to enjoy seasonal ingredients before summer is officially over.

“You will not be disappointed,” Kelly insists. Check out her recipe for the perfect strawberry pesto pizza here.