McDonald's Japan Introduces 'Quarter Pounder Jewelry' Burgers


 (McDonald's Japan)

If candy necklaces aren't savory enough for your tastes, it might be time to head across the Pacific. The McDonald's restaurants in Japan are offering up a different kind of edible "jewelry" in the form of their famous Quarter Pounders.

Known as the Quarter Pounder Jewelry collection, these three burgers are loaded with special toppings and cost ¥1,000 (just under $10) apiece — and each is only available for an extremely limited time. 

The Gold Ring burger (which was available for one day only on July 6th) featured a 1/4-pound beef patty topped with Monterey Jack cheese, thick-cut bacon, grilled pineapple, and a special 10-spice barbecue sauce, all served on a kaiser-style roll. The Black Diamond burger (only available on July 13th) will contain beef, Emmental cheese, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, and some kind of truffle/egg yolk sauce on a brioche bun. Finally, the Ruby Sparks Quarter Pounder (to be available on July 20th only) offers beef, pepperjack cheese, jalapeno, grilled onions, slices of chorizo, and a spicy avocado spread on a floured French roll.

Also noteworthy is the presentation of the burgers. According to photos gathered at, the Gold Ring burger is served with a protective golden cardboard ring, and the whole thing rests in a white cardboard box, which is contained within another white cardboard box, which is contained within a white gift bag with a gold-colored ribbon. The gift bag also holds a promotional flyer and a card detailing the ingredients.

Unfortunately, you've already missed your chance at that Gold Ring burger, but there's still time to taste the last two (if you're going to be in Japan, that is).

Which of McDonald's three Quarter Pounder Jewelry burgers would you most like to try?