We Tried It: Tortilla PopChips


Popchips just released their latest product: Pop Tortilla Chips. Like the original Popchips, Pop Tortilla Chips contain no artificial flavorings, preservatives, cholesterol or trans-fats. These new Popchips come in four flavors: nacho cheese, ranch, salsa and chili limón.

From what it looks like, the new line resembles a snack many of us know and love — Doritos. Pop Tortilla Chips taste like an attempt to compete with the tortilla powerhouse by providing consumers with a healthier version of their favorite snack.

Is it a crunchy competition?

If I wasn’t concerned with the number of calories I put into my body, Doritos would win hands down. But because I am a health-conscious person, Pop Tortilla Chips triumph as a guilt-free, natural, and gluten-free alternative. For half the fat of regular flavors of tortilla chips and a close resemblance in taste, I’d make the trade. Kristin, our At Home Editor, agreed:

“I was expecting a super salty artificial flavor, but to my surprise, they tasted light and airy with just a hint of salt and lime. Usually I don't snack on chips because they're so addictive and unhealthy, but all-natural and 100 calories per bag? All I have to say is, ‘get in my belly!’”

Needless to say, she finished the whole bag — as did our male test subject:

“They're not bad. I ate a whole bag, so I wouldn't complain if someone set out a bowl at a party. That being said, I probably wouldn't consider them a replacement for junk food.” 

I wouldn’t either. While I don’t think I could give up my Doritos for good, Pop Tortilla Chips definitely put up a good fight. They’re a perfect alternative for those watching their calories and nutrition. But in the end, nothing can replace the real deal.

Have you tried them? Tell us what you think!